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Travel DMC Company provides the best Tanzania and Zanzibar safaris and activities available in Tanzania. Our knowledgeable Tanzania and Zanzibar concierge experts are equipped to plan every detail of your trip to Tanzania. Our intention is to make your trip to Tanzania unforgettable. We enjoy showcasing our stunning country and assisting others in taking advantage of all that Tanzania and Zanzibar have to offer in terms of tourist attractions. We simplify luxury and budget travel throughout Tanzania and Zanzibar.

Discover the Beauty of Tanzania

Travel dmc is a Tanzania and Zanzibar safari company dedicated to providing a safe safari that will advance visitor’s knowledge of the amazing country while leaving lifetime memories. "We are Tanzania’s best safari company. We offer unique and unforgettable customized safaris in Tanzania. From spectacular wildlife and stunning landscapes to beautiful beaches and fascinating cultures, we are passionate about showing you the wonders of Tanzania.

Visitors will get an intimate experience.

Our safari will allow guests to explore the beautiful scenery while observing wildlife conservation and animals in their natural habitat. I am welcoming people all over the world to travel and enjoy the wonders of Tanzania.

About Travel Dmc

We take great pride in our extensive knowledge of Tanzania's latest lodges, top destinations, and extraordinary experiences. As a locally owned and operated company, the majority of our staff members have deep roots in this remarkable country. We continually explore new properties and visit different locations to ensure that we provide unparalleled safari experiences based on firsthand information.

Discover what makes us unique and why Travel DMC is perfect African travel partner.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we value their feedback to understand what truly matters to them. For the past decade, we have consistently gathered and analyzed customer input from every trip we have organized, aiming to identify the precise reasons why they choose our services.

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